Hello Friends!

Photography, for me, is a second language, a means of telling our stories...a powerful way to curate memories in an authentic + meaningful way. Through my work I strive to document the highlights, but I truly cherish the background moments as they embody the juicy spontaneity of life and showcase our most innate selves.

In studio or outdoors I will hold a comfortable and enjoyable space that allows us to create a session that we both feel really good about.

A little more about me....
...who am I? I'm a therapist working with young, beautiful, creative minds. I'm a momma, a partner and a loyal-ass friend. I'm an experienced photographer of 10+ years and a lover of documenting life, with both words and imagery. I'm a social justice advocate, an unabashed feminist, an honorary Italian, a book club member for the wine and company, and a die-hard documentary junkie.
I not only want to know you and hear you, i want to see you and capture you...in a way that allows you to proudly share your images with the world around us. I want you to feel SO good about the work we do together and what magic we create in our portrait sessions.

I truly look forward to our journey together...

Onward and upward,

*photo credit: Alicia Frances Photography*